Internal discomfort

Part of what my blog is about is the difference between the inner dialogue that can tell us some pretty negative stuff, and that “still small voice” we may also call our gut instinct, that has a very good sense of what`s right and best for us. The distinction is not always obvious, and learning to tell one from the other can be difficult and time-consuming. But it`s very worthwhile.

Right now, I`m reading Emotional Blackmail by Susan Forward. I just came across a passage I think speaks directly to this, especially the intensity of that inner dialogue when we`re in an unpleasant situation.

“Internal discomfort is one of the major impediments to change, and we`re so used to responding to it as though it were a fire to be put out that many of us haven`t learned to live with it in the natural amounts that accompany change. We push it away, extinguish it, treat it as though it has no place in our lives – and by doing so, we eliminate some of our most effective options. Most of us are so reluctant to examine our discomfort that we often misinterpret what it`s trying to tell us by reacting to its presence blindly instead of asking what it means.”

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