Van Gogh Challenge, 2007

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This is the first art challenge tackled by the group now known as The Ripoff Artists. The painting chosen was Vincent Van Gogh`s “Wheatfield with Cypresses, Early September 1889.”  We displayed other works done in the style of Van Gogh during the week, then got down to work at 9 am on a Saturday morning and were done by 3 that afternoon.

Cabinet, 2008: Portrait of Emilie Floge by Gustav Klimt

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This is part of an annual art challenge I do in Oliver, BC every summer. We choose a painting by a famous artist and each of us uses our own medium to interpret the work. I`ve painted on furniture most years.

This was 2008. The artist we chose was Gustav Klimt. The painting is “Portrait of Emilie Floge.”

This was our second annual challenge and we called ourselves the Klimtomaniacs. After that, we chose the name The Ripoff Artists.

My cabinet is acrylic for the surface details over latex paint on wood.